Trolls X’Trem Run : Regulation


Article 1. General description of the “Trolls Xtrem Run”

The “Trolls Xtrem Run” is organised by the Belgian non-profit organisation X’Trem Run. It consists of an approximately 14 km, individually or in group, obstacle race on waymarked paths and roads. It takes place on 29 August 2015, in successive waves beginning at 12 am, in Stambruges.

Article 2. Conditions of admission

The race is open to all, with or without a sport licence.

Every participant must be at least 18 years of age in order to participate to the race.
However, a runner from 16 years old will be able to participate if he provides, no later than the race day, a parental permission and medical certificate. This latter must be less than one year old and certify its aptitude to run, swim, climb and jump.
Concerning all runners 18 years of age and over, the medical certificate is not required but it is highly advised to do a health check before the race.

Article 3. Inscriptions

The registration is open from 07 December 2014. The deadline is fixed on 1 April 2015 or when 3500 participants are enrolled.

No registration on site or by telephone.

The registration costs 30 Euros. The payment may be made via our website which will redirect you to Chronorace. Only the payment confirms your registration
Be careful, the payment has to be made directly on line to finalize the registration. Payment can’t be made by bank transfer.

The Trolls Xtrem Run is, first of all, a funny race where the participants look for having fun. For this reason, the organisers retain the right to refuse the registration of any troublemaker (“Trouble-fête”) or any person who has or had behaviour incompatible with the “spirit” of the race during the previous years.

Article 4. Collection of race numbers

The race numbers may be collected in the sport club of Stambruges on 28 August 2015 from 5 pm to 9 pm and the race day from 9 am to 1 pm.

Article 5. Grouping and change of race numbers

We beg you to efficiently communicate via and avoid useless e-mails. Only applications which have been paid and confirmed will be taken into account.
Any commitment is personal, firm and definitive. No refund will be issued under any circumstances. Any registration transfer is not allowed under any circumstances after the period abovementioned. It is strictly forbidden to run under the name of another person.

The change of numbers will be possible via an online system, which will be accessible from 1st February to 14 August 2015. You will be able to modify all data related to your registration. Please don’t send us your request of change of number, it won’t be taken into consideration and you’ll be redirected to the online system. Every change of number will cost you 2 euro.

Any person who retrocedes its race number to a third person will be held responsible in case of any accident which may occur or be caused by this latter person during the race. The organisation is exempt of liability for such accidents.

Article 6. Code of good conduct

The participants are held responsible for respecting the marked and waymarked circuit by the organisation. They have to respect the natural environment, including the ban on dumping waste on the circuit.

Any runner who does not respect one of the abovementioned obligations will be disqualified.

The organisation retains the right to modify the departure time, collection of race number time, circuit, marking out as well as the obstacles, and this, at any time if the weather or terrain conditions require it.

Article 7. Costume, photos and image rights

You can wear a costume during the race and you are even encouraged to do so. The race day, before the departure, you can freely, individually or in group, immortalise you at the stand of the non-profit organisation Objectif-Photo. A prize will be awarded to the best costume(s).

The photos taken, by the non-profit organisation Objectif-Photo, before, during and after the race will be available on the website a few days after the race. In participating to the race, the runner automatically allows the organisation and Objectif-Photo to use any written, sound or visual documents related to him in order to be directly or indirectly exploited.

Article 8. Cancellation

The organisation retains the right to cancel the race if any circumstances could put the runner’s life in danger or in the case of force majeure. In such cases, no reimbursement of registration fees will be issued and this under any circumstances.

Article 9. Left-luggage office and showers

Showers are available for the runners.

You may let your bags at the left-luggage office, managed by volunteers, but you have to make arrangements in advance relatively to a possible rain. We highly advise you to pack your belongings in a big plastic bag. You will receive a ticket with your race number, you have to stick it on the bag before giving this latter to the left-luggage office. Do not forget to let your glasses, jewels, watches, mobile phones…

We take no responsibility in the event of deterioration, loss or theft which could take place at the left-luggage office as well as in the showers.

Article 10. Liabilities and insurances

The organisation is covered by a civil liability insurance relatively to the entire organisation of the race. The insurance does not cover individual risks of the runners. It is for each participant to be covered by its own individual insurance, insurance covering its sport and leisure activities. Each runner assumes responsibility for its participation and has to ensure its good physical condition. If a runner is not sure that he can safely cross over an obstacle, he can ride around the obstacles.

We take no responsibility in the event of physical or technical problems, fragments, accidents caused by the non respect of the instructions given by the organisers, loss, steal of objects or materials.

Article 11. Outfit and equipment

The costume is highly advised, enjoy yourself and your fun will be shared. We advise you to protect your knees and to wear light gloves. Spikes are forbidden as well as walking and hiking sticks.

Article 12. Prizes and awards

The first three men and women will be awarded, regardless of age. Only the contenders for a place on the podium are obliged to scrupulously cross over all obstacles. A prize will be granted to the best costume(s) as well as the group with the biggest number of participants.

By participating to Trolls Xtrem Run, the runners agree to be unreservedly bound by the present regulation and ethic of the race.