Race info

Will you be one of brave souls to accept the challenge of
the Trolls X’trem Run Act III on August 30st, 2014 ???

A race over 14km with various obstacles and traps of all sorts to make you lose your cool !
Water, mud, tires, straw bales, nets, ropes and other surprises are awaiting you on that crazy day.
You’ll need a lot of strength and courage to arrive at the finish of this extraordinary race.

But the Trolls X’Trem Run is also about fun, so don’t hesistate  to come disguised.
Our little trolls will be there to immortalize you when you do your most acrobatic moves.

Get in contact with your friends immediately and talk to them about this race.

You have been warned, the troll is out to get you !!!

More pictures on www.facebook.com/TrollsXtremRun


Date : August 30st, 2014
Departure : To get to the parking you have to follow the little road North-East of the Rue des Meuniers 64 in 7973 Stambruges. GPS coordinates of the parking : 50.513°N 3.714°E
Start numbers : 9-12h
Start : 12h
Distance : 14km

In team ?

It’s possible to add your running club or other sports team on the form when you subscribe. You can also form your own team just for the occasion.
The results will be individual but you can offcourse run the race together and help each other out as much as possible.

A surprise will be awarded to the club or team with the most members

Get out your costumes !!!

You can participate at the Trolls X’Trem Run in a special outfit or costume, we even encourage you to do so. After you get your starting number and before the start you can get your picture taken at out photo booth, alone or with your group. A price awaits the best dressed participant.


You may already know this but the start of the TXR will be in waves and as a consequence there will be different departure boxes. Why? Just to ensure a fluent race for everybody, to have fewer queues, to have maximum safety and to let everybody have more fun. There is no consequence for your time. The chip you will get registers the time in crossing the start and finish line. Your classification is based on your real time, whether you start in the first or the last box.

Runners who have registered separately but wish to compose a team should send an email to info@trollsxtremrun.com. With your name/first name, reference number and the name of the team (attention for the spelling). Runners who have registered separately but wish to start in the same box should send a list with names and first names and the reference numbers (however it would be simpler to just form a team and communicate the team name to us).

If you wish to start in the Turtle box (for reasons of timing, capacities, fun) you should send us an email. This is also the case if you wish to start in a specific box…

Please communicate efficiently with info@trollsxtremrun.com and do not send useless mails. Only demands in regards to paid and validated registrations will be treated.