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A new competition with four 25€ menus at the restaurant and tapas bar “Um Beaumonde” as a prize
It is very easy: estimate the total weight of the TXR staff… we’re waiting for your proposals on our website. The competition will end on June 9th at 23.59

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Form to change your number

Person to be replaced:

Surname: …
First name: …
Date of birth: …
Registration reference: +++ … / …. / ….. +++

Replacing person:

Surname: …
First name: …
Sex: M or F
Date of birth: …
Postal Address: …
Country: …
Nationality: …
Telephone: …
Email: …
Club / Team: …
Size of the jersey: S – M – L – XL – XXL

To send back by email to

The email has to be sent by the person who wants to be replaced (or the captain in charge of the registration), with the replacing person’s email address as a copy of the same mail.

Once the T-shirts are ordered, no size change will be accepted. The date will be announced on the website.

Once the boxes are allocated, it will not be possible to change your team or be gathered with other people. The date will be announced on the website.

No number change after August 01 2013.

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Gathering and Elite box


Si vous désirez être regroupé dans le même box que vos amis, voici la marche à suivre :
If you wish to be gathered in the same box as your friends’, here’s the way to proceed:
– Send an email to, mention the name of the team (the name of a team is absolutely required for a gathering)

Give a list of people you want to gather: surname, first name, year of birth, (if possible, registration reference: (: +++ XXX/XXXX/XXXXX +++).
Thanks for filing the surnames in alphabetical order to ease the encoding of the gatherings.

Box Elite

If you registered for the 2013 edition, were among the first 100 at the 2012 edition and if you want to depart from the Elite box this year, please send an email to with your surname, first name and your ranking of last year. This way, you will be able to leave from the Elite box.

If you registered for the 2013 edition but were not among the first 100 at the 2012 edition but still want to depart from the Elite box, please send an email to with your surname, first name and your results in other similar races (top 100 for the big events) or results at other events justifying an access to the Elite box. We will examine these requests on a-case-by-case basis.


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Facebook Competition
Which obstacle would you like to see at TXR2?

  • end of the proposals on Friday 15 February 2013
  • result towards 01 March 2013
  • only 1 suggestion per person
  • 1 surmountable obstacle
  • if you are an artist, you can join a sketch
  • the more information you give, the better it is…

All is to be sent to
The winner will see his/her obstacle on the race… each in turn to give a hard time…
To win: Troll goodies, including Troll drums (6 beers + glass)

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